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Anabolic steroid

Anabolic steroid
Nowadays, more and more often you can observe such a picture, coming to the gym, beginners see pumped-up professionals and say in a whisper that it is completely pumped with steroids. These thoughts do not know people think that this athlete ate one tablet and became so pumped up. In reality, everything is different. Many steroids only restore muscle after training, therefore, you will need to work out several times more efficiently. This is not an advertisement for steroids, on the contrary, I do not indulge in them, and you should think about it, if you do not know how to use them, then it is better to consult, for this I decided to write this material, so that if you decide to strengthen your workouts, you have little idea what it is. Those who are engaged in bodybuilding or fitness are well aware that there comes a period when you can’t rise above the bar. These are the characteristics of the body. Also, many bodybuilders want to at least slightly increase what nature gives them. In these cases, it is worth thinking about using steroids, because this is the fastest way to get off the ground and increase your results.

Most steroids shorten the period of muscle recovery, while helping to quickly absorb protein, which is the main material for muscle cells. Steroids fill your flesh with testosterone, which for men is simply not replaceable. It is not for me to tell you that now most men over 40 suffer from its deficiency, and in modern conditions with the current environment, testosterone is simply necessary for normal activities. In addition, steroids can increase the mass and strength of your body. The word anabolic means that they increase muscle tissue, and do not give an increase in fat. Contrary to many rumors that if you take steroids and do not do it, then fat will grow - you can safely say that this is nonsense! The composition of steroids contains anabolic substances that simply will not allow it to form. Only protein and all.

Steroids must be taken periodically. The period of administration depends on the specific steroid. Some steroids take a month and a half, others half a year. After the steroid course is completed, take a short break and repeat again until the desired results are achieved. At one time, you can take different steroids, and not just some specific type. Professionals call this combination. Because some steroids complement each other, and in combination they have a very good effect. The most effective steroids are injections. But there are also pills that also give an equal result.

I’ll list some of the things you might have if you decided to take steroids: • Acne, like in adolescence • Breast enlargement • Liver pressure • Increased blood pressure • Increased cholesterol • Increased sexual activity (frequent erection) • Increased sperm count • Too fast development and growth. Especially for adolescents, do not use them in large quantities, otherwise you can go beyond the acceptable norms of height and weight.

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