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5 Movies About Scouting to Watch with the Family

5 Movies About Scouting to Watch with the Family
Have you ever been involved with the Boy Scouts or the Girl Scouts? Perhaps your children are currently members. Either way, you may want to consider watching a few scouting films with your family on best movies site 123Movies with huge collection of free movies. Based on my experience, there are a handful of movies that would be perfect for such an occasion. Here's a quick rundown on each one:

"Troop Beverly Hills" (1989)

Director Jeff Kanew's film "Troop Beverly Hills" is one that I'd recommend watching. Its storyline focuses on a woman that decides to be a scout leader. In the film, she helps her charges earn badges, sell cookies and make their way to the annual "Wilderness Girls" jamboree. My family thought it was a funny and entertaining flick. It starred Shelley Long and Betty Thomas.

"Smart Cookies" (2012)

Director Robert Iscove's film "Smart Cookies" also focuses on the girls. In this particular movie, a woman finds herself in charge of a troop's annual cookie drive. In the process, she learns a few important things. As a former Girl Scout, I thought that it was a touching film. It appeared on the Hallmark Channel and starred Bailee Madison.

"Bushwhacked" (1995)

Director Freddie Hice's film "Bushwhacked" is a good one too. Its storyline focuses on a man that unexpectedly gets involved with the boy scouts. Personally, I found it quite funny. One of the scenes that had the kids laughing involved a steering wheel and glue. I thought that the waterfall scene was also entertaining. The film starred Daniel Stern and Ann Dowd.

"Down and Derby" (2005)

If your sons have ever participated in the Boy Scouts, you'll definitely want to pick up a copy of director Eric Hendershot's "Down and Derby." Its storyline predictably focuses on the annual Pinewood Derby race. From my perspective, it was hilarious. I especially liked the whole "Pinewood Derby Bible" concept. Some of the stars connected to the movie are Robert Costanzo and Pat Morita.

"Follow Me, Boys!" (1966)

Finally, I'd suggest watching director Norman Tokar's film, "Follow Me, Boys!" It focuses on the Boy Scouts as well. The storyline centers on a man who becomes a troop leader and his relationship with the scouts. I thought that it had an excellent storyline and contained a valuable message. Of course I have come to expect as much from a Walt Disney production. The final scenes were also quite touching. It starred Kurt Russell, Lillian Gish and Fred MacMurray.

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